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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  Each year, I take a look back to see if I reached the goals that I set for that year. I’m sure you probably do the same thing. 2016 is almost over and I’m doing the same thing again this year, looking in the rear view mirror to see what ground I’ve covered on the way to my destiny. Continue reading

Are You Doing Anything Differently in 2016?


2015 was a strange year for me  I had some triumphs and some tragedies but through it all, the one constant in my life, Jesus Christ and celebrating His birthday on Christmas was awesome. I got to December and my my laptop’s operating system crashed. In the middle of planning and working on products for the holiday season the computer crash prevented me from completing my work… Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!



Happy Thanksgiving! I was sitting here thinking about all the things that I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for friends family, my church family, my pastor, my first lady, my social media friends, life, health, all the things we think about this time of year. Continue reading

What are Your Plans for the Next 91 Days?




freshicon_76I’m in countdown mode to 2016! There are 91 days left in this year, are you ready to finish strong? So many opportunities have come my way this year and I am grateful to God! The newsletter and the radio show had to take a back seat as I concentrated on the other assignments that God had so graciously entrusted to me. Through the grace of God, I have been able to accomplish the added assignments and, I want to finish 2015 strong! Continue reading

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