In His Season, Inc. is a Christian corporation whose mission it is to motivate, stimulate and encourage individuals to reach beyond their limitations to their God given possibilities. Using biblical text, as well as other information, educational tools, presentations, seminars and events, our goal is to expose the individual to information in a manner that will increase their desire to learn about God and themselves. It is our desire to stimulate their curiosity and challenge the individual to pursue their God given dreams and visions. In the midst of hopelessness and discouragement it is the mandate of In His Season, Inc. to compel a generation to "stir up the gift". We are dedicated to helping the individual strengthen their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ while preparing them to operate as salt and light in the world. Luke 19:13, we are to occupy until He comes. To provide the tools necessary to enable individuals to reach their full potential, by using the bible, other books, and relevant information, to present a practical and balanced message that will create a perfect learning experience. To produce books, newsletters, seminars, workshops and presentations that are designed to motivate, stimulate and encourage spiritual and personal growth.